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A couple of years ago, Chris approached me about doing a vocal track for an upcoming project. He sent me this music, which I loved. I asked him, "do you want this to be about anything in particular?" He told me the theme of the album, but....At about this time in the UK, benefits and aid to the elderly, disabled, and poor were being severely cut back, with the tag of "austerity". The stories I was hearing about the effects of these cutbacks were pretty awful, and I found myself really bothered by it. So despite what Chris had told me, these lyrics spilled out instead.

Maybe I have no business saying anything; I'm an American, after all. I've been called out for it online, been giving a dressing-down for suggesting that it might be in the people's best interests not to let the NHS become corporate owned, etc. So maybe I shouldn't care. I do. If you don't like it, you want to shout at me, get in line.

If this isn't the final mix/master, it's very close. It's been under wraps for too long, I don't want to release it with the tagline, "Remember 'austerity'?". So now out it comes, I can wait no longer.

Huge, huge thanks to Chris for writing this music, then allowing me to "have my way with it".

GS, 6/17/17


I sleep the sleep of a man without care
Because it rarely matters what I do
My business is a simple one
Taking as much as I can take from you

What conscience I have and what pain I can feel
You know it's only reserved for me
If I can lead you I can rob you and
The taking is for free

I say it's all for you
And I'll give you a better world
Just hand the keys to me
I'll give you a better world

A better world for me

I say it's your fault and you've made your own bed
But you know that I really don't care
I would have taken it anyway
As though you were not there

The top is crushing the bottom
As the pyramid loses its base
The lowliest worm can eat like a king
If his mask is a lion's face

For you and not for me


released June 18, 2017
Music written and played by Chris Gill
Lyrics written and sung by Greg Segal, who also wrote and played the orchestral stuff.



all rights reserved


Greg Segal Portland, Oregon

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