1. Giallo

  2. Many Coloured Buddhas
    Kenny Ryman

  3. A Land Without Fences: complete sessions
    Paper Bag:

  4. The Animism Circuit

  5. invisible ground of sympathy
    Greg Segal with Friends

  6. Airwave Rituals
    Paper Bag

  7. Ahead/WISPREVI

  8. Visible
    Greg Segal with Friends

  9. Republican Money
    Paper Bag:

  10. seed

  11. Symbols and Sounds
    Paul Green/Greg Segal

  12. Aerophone

  13. 33

  14. Austerity
    Chris Gill and Greg Segal

  15. Riding The Anomaly

  16. Music To Trash
    Paper Bag

  17. What's New Is Old Again

  18. Imagine That

  19. Tales Of Today Will Be Tales Of Long Ago

  20. The Watermelon Seed

  21. Simple And Not

  22. Reasons

  23. Toad Is The Uncle Of Heaven

  24. Noodles

  25. Darkland Express part one

  26. Darkland Express part two

  27. Asleep Or Somewhere Else
    Eric Wallack/Greg Segal

  28. Jugalbandi Classic

  29. Birds

  30. Energies Coarse And Fine

  31. Moving

  32. Night Crazy

  33. Standard

  34. Always Look On The Dark Side Of Life

  35. intext
    Greg Segal and Chrissy Barr

  36. Phase Two

  37. Episodes

  38. The Hero As Pantry

  39. A Real Human Being (soundtrack)

  40. The Cram And Stuff Method

  41. Yellow Star Mailing List

  42. The View Is Always Better From The Top Of The Food Chain

  43. The Eye That Shines In Darkness

  44. In Search Of The Fantastic

  45. The King Of Illusion Variations
    Cold Sky

  46. Skeleton Parade

  47. Beauty Sleep

  48. A Handful Of Ashes

  49. Paper Bag/Ticket To Trauma
    Paper Bag

  50. Planet Of Garbage

  51. A Play Of Light And Shadow

  52. The Old Familiar Place

  53. Wonder, Doubt And Curiosity
    David McIntire/Greg Segal

  54. An Awareness Of Frameworks

  55. Jugalbandi: 1999 Deep Cuts

  56. Rivers

  57. Jugalbandi: 1999

  58. Cold Sky/In Process
    Cold Sky

  59. Cold Sky Live At Be Bop Records 2/8/89
    Cold Sky

  60. Water From The Moon

  61. The Fourth Of The Three

  62. Night Circus part one

  63. Night Circus part two

  64. A Man Who Was Here

  65. Building/Frank Idyll Growth

  66. New Music Monday vol. 1

  67. Adventures Of Forever And Nowhere


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