part one

from by Greg Segal

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This first piece is probably the fastest on album (part 6 is the other contender). It's not that the playing itself is fast, but the interplay, layering, and cutting is very quick. The thread of what's going on has to be followed through the instrument changes, only rarely does one instrument carry a complete phrase. In addition to this, there are odd harmony and counterpoint lines following a similarly fragmented approach. These often do not follow any conventionally identifiable pattern. They work in relation to each other. There is actually a pulse throughout the piece. It may help to count it as two (one two, one two), something I do quite often.

You may want to attempt to take it all in as you might with a panorama- left/right, up/down. With a piece of music, it's start to finish. Some notes and sounds relate to the ones immediately before or after, and not to much else. There are large chunks of related material that are not spaced apart in a symmetrical or even countable order.

Try this. Wherever you are, look from left to right. You'll see related things, but everything isn't perfectly symmetrical. Even well ordered spaces like public libraries and various upscale offices are almost never perfectly ordered and symmetrical. What about a forest? A back yard? A city landscape? Dream versions of any of these? The landscape of a city ravaged by a horrific plague, then martial law sealed off by the government from the outside world? Either the plague runs its course, and no more die, or everyone inside dies of it. Or.....?


from 33, released October 18, 2017


all rights reserved


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