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Building​/​Frank Idyll Growth

by Building

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Building is a project started by Bret Hart, involving various of his through-the-mail (and now over-the-'net) cronies, of which I, Greg Segal, am one. I don't recall how many Building albums there are previous to this one; I was on the first back in....'03? This current Building album is being offered through my Bandcamp site on behalf of myself and Bret and Bob Jordan, and we are the only ones to blame for its contents. Bret and Bob improvised the initial tracks live to digital on January 11-12, 2014. I was sent the tracks over the 'net, and I proceded to do the hoochie coochie to them over a period of about a month, as time permitted. Here it is, warts amplified, imperfections aglare and challenging, with strange grace floating atwixt the waves of noise and layers of oddness. We hope you enjoy it. -GS, 3/14

"A life without silliness is a life ill-spent." -Sahm Olgi


released March 15, 2014

Of who played what at the initial sessions, Bret says:
"On Saturday, Bob played percussion, [Nate Westerlind-made] theremin/mini-amp, ukelele, kalimba, and Korg Monotron micro-synth, etc. I played either telecaster or dobro, and built foundation loops.
On SUNDAY, Bob played percussion, theremin/mini-amp, ukelele, kalimba, a lovely 4-stringed dulcimer-ish thing, micro-synth, harmonica, voice.
I played percussion and electric uke, and built foundation loops by alternating between my instrument and a room piezo mic going through the fx chain."

Greg played:
bass/mini-drums/trumpet/clarinet/violin/cello/recorder/toy piano/toy bugle/Vietnamese xylophone/tubular bells/bamboo & metal chimes/wood and metal percussion/eastern European-flavored gibberish/digital concrete/final arrangements and finishing touches


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Greg Segal Portland, Oregon

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